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Art, somewhere, somehow, is experienced by us each and every day. It keeps you, me and our neighbors thriving. We know that our society views art as a ‘profession’ that is optional – so most artists who are hanging in there work multiple jobs. This is unfortunate because of all the work that is not being made – all the beauty, delight, energy and connection that we’re missing by artists not having one job that incorporates the height of their skills in creating things out of the blue that help us all grow:  a Poetry Carnival, the Free Pass Project, magnetic poetry, a poem…

stop this madness and support living artists

The whole of the work I’ve created – sets of afterWords magnets, free pass tokens, art purchased, public art events, reading and publishing poetry, performing songs – my creative work has impacted over 4,500 people.  Direct support of me as a working artist is an assured investment in a productive big thinker who gets things done that make the world a better place. There is a great history of support and patronage so I can keep going!

Let's art work together

There are optional ways to support my work for as little as $1.00 a day, to $100.00 a month. And everywhere in between.

Fractured Atlas  –  Patreon  –  Venmo

Fractured Atlas contributions can be tax deductible. Patreon provides unique content to patrons once at least five patrons are active. Venmo is unrestricted and probably easiest for us both.

You can support my work by contacting me for purchases – copies of most anything on this site can be reproduced – including multiple item discounts. You might choose a one time payment of any amount as unrestricted support, and/or you can commit to a very small monthly amount. You can support one time only or for any extended time you choose. The accounts listed with Florence Poetry are catch all accounts that support all my creative work. Thanks!

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