Studio and Public Art

I frequently use or work with letters, words, and language,  be it in photography, posters, public art projects, mixed media work, and as a lyricist. Words are one way to connect with another person, no matter their lived experience. Language levels the playing field. I don’t think of being a working artist as an exalted state. Anyone can be an artist and art is not only something on a gallery wall. Art is a way of being in the world. For folks like me, it is also a job, a profession, and involves concentrated labor over many years.

A significant part of my artistic practice involves prompting words and stories from other people, centering the work in human interaction and re-centering the work from me to you. The public art projects of the Free Pass Project and Florence Poetry Carnival are good examples of this.

afterWords POEtry magnets sets are another. I created the structure and tools for you to be creative with. afterWords POEtry was sold throughout New England and New York as magnet play kits. It’s a fun project. Learn more about it HERE.

My formal training is in many aspects of music. I’m no longer an active musician, but musical forms and design thinking inform what I do. Extensive music clips are archived on the music page.

Public Art Work