There is a particular creative ‘voice’ that is front and center when I make posters. There must be something about the found object or pamphlet that originally drew me in. But the way the image and text pull together is often a mystery. They are almost improvisations in that the scanned image is rarely related to the content of the text.

The background images for these posters are found objects and paper items. The items are scanned at a high DPI so that the original image, original text and text design can be increased to any size and remain crisp and clear. When printed some pieces exceed two feet. One series is pairs and pairs of playing cards that are over 24” because high res scanning allows that creative choice.

There are well over 60 very diverse posters in the vault. They range from extensive, crafted writing to brief, pointed, interjections and observations. The large number of posters represented in the web gallery highlights the wide range of character in this work.

This work has shown in solo and group shows. It’s very easy to have these images reproduced at correct scale. Please be in touch if you’d like to see more, or to purchase an art poster or two!

Good Words