Although I’ve not been an active musician for many years, it is what I know best. I evolved from trumpet playing to songwriting/performance to classical composition to recording and engineering with many steps in between. I was a performing songwriter and composer with classical chamber works performed around New England.

Aligned with my compulsion towards words across the kinds of work I do, song lyrics and poems by others set to music are represented here.

Music can only be shared as a live or recorded art form. Since I’ve not been an active musician for awhile, posting clips on this site is really an archive. Each of these formats is fraught with challenges. Perhaps other musicians will best understand.

The Attic Tapes

A few of the clips included here are from two self produced demos. I wrote, arranged, played, recorded, mixed and engineered the entire thing. (Part of the singing flat is from taking on so very much of the project on my own! It can be painful.) The recordings are meant to highlight my sensibility and skills with arrangements more than performance as most of the sounds are from MIDI synths of some sort. There are many things I would do differently but I can’t go back and edit the source.


Other Songs

Live with a band or experimental demo studio recorded.


Most of the classical clips have some hiss or compression that comes from being recorded on tape vs. digital.  They are also clips from some time ago, but I still like them. Clips are live drafts of work.